The Best Electric Massage Device
Strig will help you to relax and reduce at home simply
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Progressive muscle relaxation Device

A light fit in one hand.

Strig can analyze muscle stiffness and pain

because of wrong positions or movements.

Microcurrent Electric Muscle Stimulation Massage at home!

Using the most effective massage at 3000rpm similar to bioelectric currents, 

Strig can help to speed up metabolism and promote blood circulation.

It was designed for your entire body.

Strig can offer remarkable service of muscle treatment at your home.

Ergonomic Designe Edge

Strig was designed for 5 edges based on individual body curve.

Microcurrent Electric Stimulation

Using Electric Stimulation,  

Strig can heal nerve, damges of muscles and remove pain. 

Comfort Grip

You can replace the component of grip(Polyurethane Foam).

High Torque Motor

You don't need excessive force to use strig Also, you can get perfect massages in 5 minutes

You can calculate muscles with an integral pressure sensor.

Muscle better

Stirg creates an synergy effect from moisturizing skin care cream and Microcurrent Electric Stimulation at the same time.

As a result, it helps to relieve sore muscles!

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